Real Estate Broker Exam – Strategy #5 For Passing the Test

In the study of any new subject, there is unfamiliar terminology. In the study of real estate, words that end in OR and EE cause people a lot of grief; words like grantor/grantee, vendor/vendee, trustor/trustee, transferor/transferee, offeror/offeree, optionor/optionee, lessor/lessee, and mortgagor/mortgagee. On and on it goes. Sometimes, to answer intelligently, you have to know exactly which party the word refers to. In this article, I will show you how to deal with this, and give you a way to remember.

If the word ends in OR, that party is the giver of some item. The grantor is giving title. The optionor is giving an option on his property. The trustor is giving naked legal title, and so forth. If the word ends in EE, that party is the receiver of some item. The grantee is receiving title. The optionee is receiving an option. The trustee is receiving naked legal title. But you must always stay within the context of the word. Don’t try to generalize and say that if it ends in OR, that’s always a buyer. That is not correct. An offeror would be a buyer-the giver of an offer. But what about a grantor? That party is the seller, the giver of title. So if you stay within the context of the word, this method will be consistent and help you figure out who the party is.

Here’s an easy way to remember how this works. If I were to make an allegation against you, you are the receiver of the allegation. So what shall we call you? That’s right, you would be known as the alligatee. I am the giver of the allegation, so what shall we call me? You’re catching on! I am the alligator! If you can remember the difference between the alligator and the alligatee, you can remember all of these. Happy studying!

Internet Marketing Coach – Better Option Than Internet Marketing Training Courses?

If you are thinking of starting an Internet business is it better to work with an Internet Marketing coach or invest in the latest Internet Marketing training course?

When I first decided that starting an Internet business was something I really wanted to do I invested in training course after training course in the belief that they would show me the way to Internet success and teach me how to earn a six figure income online.

What I actually found was that many were incomplete (they did not tell the whole story even though they promised to) and others contained information that I was unable to put into action – I just did not understand them!

What I also found was that my enthusiasm to learn led to me investing in too many courses, many of which I actually never used, but I just felt I was missing out if I did not have them!

This whole scenario lead to a sense of frustration in me and it was not until I found an Internet marketing coach that I saw real progress.

So how can an Internet Marketing coach help where a more ‘passive’ training course cannot?

Set a programme and schedule learning.

Many people, in their desire to build a successful Internet business, often ‘collect’ as much information as they can. This can often lead to information overload, they get to feeling overwhelmed and then get frozen to a standstill by the sheer amount of information.

An Internet marketing coach or mentor will set a program for you and make sure you learn step by step, avoid overwhelm and therefore stay on track.

Help you avoid mistakes.

Any experienced Internet marketer will have made mistakes as a part of their learning process. You can benefit from your coaches experience and avoid making these mistakes yourself.

Provide accountability.

It is a proven fact that we are far more likely to succeed in anything if we are accountable to a third-party. It is far easier to justify failure to ourselves than it is to a third-party and this accountability has the effect of driving us forward.

While it is certainly not a master-slave relationship the power of this accountability is not to be underestimated

Be there for support.

The primary role of an Internet Marketing coach is to support you when things get tough! Maybe you don’t understand something, maybe you’re concerned about your progress, maybe you’re just having difficulty managing your time and getting things done – it doesn’t matter what!

Having a coach or mentor there to help you, or just listen, can be of tremendous benefit and remove the sense of isolation or frustration that can sometimes build.

Keep you up to date.

The Internet is a dynamic environment and continues to change and evolve- what works today in terms of effective marketing techniques may not work tomorrow. A good Internet Marketing coach can help you stay up-to-date and focus only on current and effective Internet Marketing strategies.

There you have it. The main difference between the two approaches is that one is passive and the other interactive.

Having an Internet marketing coach, providing you select the one most suited to you and what you want to achieve online, is the easier and more comfortable route to take when learning how to build a successful Internet business.

Online Information Technology Career Options

Technology plays a roll in almost every aspect of society today. Technology and computers have worked their way into virtually every home and company across the nation. With this fact comes the necessity for trained individuals who know how to create and implement technology in a variety of ways. Many accredited online schools offer degree distinctions in information technology. Prospective students have a wide range of study options as well as career options.

This field of study allows students to gain an education from earning certificates in specialized areas to obtaining an associate’s degree to a master’s degree. In some fields a doctorate is also available to students. There are different degree options prospective students have when enrolling in an online degree program for information technology. Certificate programs are typically designed for already working professionals who want or need to brush up on the latest technology, and help individuals stay current and competitive in this fast paced industry. Associate degree programs will prepare students for entry-level positions. Students will gain a broad overview of the field and training may take one to two years to complete.

A bachelor’s degree is usually a four-year program that prepares students in a variety of ways and settings how to design software, create communication networks, work with Internet applications, and more. A master’s degree or PhD in the field usually requires one to two years of additional study. These programs are designed to immerse students further into the procedures and principles of information technology that will properly prepare them for senior level careers.

The industry has become increasingly more popular every year with more companies, organizations, and individuals relying on technology and computers. Students will have numerous avenues to choose from when selecting a career path to follow. Students can prepare for their career by getting as much experience with computers as possible and gaining an accredited education. Many individuals will join Internet communities that are dedicated to information technology to stay current with the latest trends and software. These actions will help prospective students in choosing a career path as well as help them with their career.

The most popular career paths are technical consultant, computer programmer, and information technology instructor. Technical consultants are hired by companies to help them install new software, update computer systems, and consult with the company to see what software is right for their needs. They also continue to help the employees understand how to manage the software after installation. Computer programmers take specific functions needed by a company and implement them into a computer system. Translating instructions into a language the computer can read is the overall goal of this career path. Information technology instructors work within technology based companies and schools to instruct students on the different uses of technology. Their goal is to send individuals into the technology industry with confidence.

Start your education today and become a part of this fast paced career. Search for online information technology schools that offer a degree program that will put you on the right track towards your chosen career path.

DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at

Understanding Student Loan Consolidation

Student loan consolidation is one of the most popular ways to get rid of the burden of student debt. While studying, taking student loans is a common way to deal with the rising costs of higher education. The drawback is that by the time a student graduates, he or she has a sizable student debt along with their degree.

Student debt consolidation is the most recommended course of action, particularly for students who have taken up a number of loans from a number of different lenders. Without a fixed interest rate, having to make multiple payments each month to cover student loans can be frustrating and confusing. A student loan consolidation program can be a boon for both parents and students when it comes to debt maintenance.

Why Consolidate Student Loans?

Under ordinary circumstances, a student may take out a number of different student loans at different times. This results in sizable student debts that need to be paid off within ten years using a monthly payment plan. Students who have taken out more than one loan will have to make multiple payments.

Student loan consolidation allows the student to combine all outstanding loans into one loan. This also means that the loan is with one lender with one set of monthly payments. While this greatly reduces the frustration of dealing with student debt, student debt consolidation program has a number of other benefits as well.

Lower Interest Rates, Lower Payments

A student loan consolidation offers a number of benefits that will ease a student’s present financial stress and can help in saving money for the future. A student loan consolidation will lock your interest rates at a lowered level, thus allowing you to save money in the long run.

This kind of student loan consolidation program can also lower your monthly payment premiums apart from charging you with just one payment a month. Flexible repayment plans are also available, which can even extend your debt repayment period from 10 to 30 years, depending in the debt amount. Student debt consolidation programs do not require credit checks or co-signers, so you can avail this financial program even if your finances are stretched.

If you are a student and find that your student loans add up to over $7500, opting for a student loan consolidation is your best option. Especially for those who have taken loans from multiple lenders, a student loan consolidation can help clear up a frustrating and confusing mass of debts into one, easy loan that is paid off once a month. Using a student loan consolidation can help students deal with their debt in an efficient and easy way so they can focus on their future.

Home School Health – 6 Ways to Keep Home Schooled Children Healthier

Home schooling is an effective way to stay in control of your child’s education, values, and social contacts. And because effective home schooling involves interactions with others, you and your children are still susceptible to viruses and germs that can make the rounds during the school year. Here are 6 steps to take to keep you home school scholars healthy.

1. Designate a Consistent Space for Study-Using a desk or table that is set aside for school materials confines germ laced materials that are brought in from the library, outside classes (for gym, dance or art), public and private schools (if you have other children who attend these), and even other home schooled children to a surface in the house other than the kitchen or dining room.

Separating school surfaces from eating areas allows study areas to stay set up, makes it easier to wipe down surfaces where germs are most likely to collect, and less likely for germs to be ingested from surfaces where food is handled or eaten.

2. Keep Hands Clean-Insist on washing hands when moving from the study to play or eating. Hand washing is still one of the best ways to eliminate germs that can enter the body through the eyes, nose, or mouth. Keep soap handy and easy to reach at every sink and stock book bags with hand sanitizer for those places where washing with soap and water is not possible. 

3. Keep Tissues On Hand-Take this suggestion literally. Tissues in hand when coughing, sneezing, or dealing with a runny nose are a first line of defense against getting rid of germs without having them collect on hands. Tissues also stop the tiny water globules from traveling and invading someone other person’s body through inhalation or ingestion.

4. Sanitize Common Areas Frequently-Using a sanitizer to wipe down desks, chairs, tables, computer keyboards, door knobs, and any other common surfaces that are used is a good way to stop the spread of germs through contact. This is a particularly important if you and other home school parents share the teaching responsibility and pool children together during the week.

5. Say Yes to the Flu Shot-Because home schooled children are in contact with fewer people, their immune systems may not be as rugged as those children who are in the company of hundreds of children each day. Getting the flu shot gives your child a better chance of avoiding the flu altogether, or suffering a milder case of it than they would without the shot.

Adults who are in constant contact should also get the flu to protect themselves as well as the children.

6. Use a HEPA Purifier to Filter the Air-Because you will probably spend more time in your home, the air quality needs to be conducive to learning. Airborne pollutants such as dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mold and mildew spores, bacteria and viruses can keep your student from feeling fit and interfere with the educational success that you are working so hard to achieve.

These pollutants are also one of the most frequent means that bacteria and viruses use to spread. They attach to the bigger pollutants and then wait to be ingested or inhaled, and wreak havoc on their new victim.

By removing the large airborne pollutants, you dramatically reduce the number airborne bacteria and viruses that are in your home, while making your home a great place to learn.

Finding the Best Corporate Entertainment for Any Event

Providing some type of entertainment at your corporate function is an excellent way to entertain your guests and provide them with an event to remember. If it falls with in your remit to find and organise such entertainment then your best step would be to research booking agencies to establish if they have the experience and type of entertainment that may be suitable for your event.

Reputable booking agents will have the experience and expertise to be able to advise you on what is suitable for each venue and audience. A professional booking agency will have pre prepared programmes that have been tried and tested with feed back that may help you in your search for the perfect entertainment.

Not all booking agents are good and you will need to look at several to see what they have organised in the past before making any decisions. A good booking agent will have testimonials from other companies that should be studied and possibly followed up personally. This initial research is invaluable as most companies have to work within a budget and you will need to ensure that the agent you decide to work with is able to provide suitable entertainment and keep to your financial requirements.

Booking agents can be found everywhere but you may find that asking others for recommendations is a good place to start. Having considered all the feedback from previous clients for several agencies you will have a better idea of how each particular agent works.

Important issues related to your event must be considered. The amount of attendees and the interests and age range of your guests are among the essential pieces of information you will need. Any booking agent will require this type of data to be able to provide the best possible entertainment for you.

A professional booking agent will ask many questions before making suggestions as to the type of event that they can provide whilst keeping within your specified budget. Any entertainers they use charge fees and on a limited budget the quality of entertainer could be affected. They have experience in working with entertainers to negotiate lower fees to help to provide you with a successful event.

The internet is an excellent place to start your search for an entertainment booking agent and there are plenty for you to compare. Most of these will have well produced, professional and informative web sites and you will find much of the information you need. With contact details clearly displayed you will be able to email or telephone the company to obtain further details of anything that is not clear or to pursue your interest further.

Business Management Certification – What is It?

For all those individuals seeking to advance their careers in ways that will keep them on top of the game considering a business management certification program may be the way to accomplish this goal. These types of programs help individuals to learn how to implement the skills of managing the day to day function of business and the staff members into their current business function. These skills can set you apart from the other members of your company.

A business management certification program can be earned in as little as five months utilizing online course work and studies. This allows the student the freedom of working when they are able to within their busy schedule. You can certainly fit this program into most business schedules and you will be learning information you can implement immediately into your daily business practices. Using these skills as you learn them will help you to reinforce what you are learning. The skills are real and applicable to your current work.

Choosing to add a business management certification to your resume and list of education will go a long way to helping your make your way in up the ladder in the business world. There are a number of ways that the knowledge you gain from this program type can be implemented in your daily business life. What you learn will help you to better take hold of the current situation of a business and see where the issues may be. It also allows you the ability to find a solution to those problems and predict future outcomes. With the knowledge you gain through this course type you can easily move to many positions within a company and from one company to another. This gives you the final word in where your career goes.

Thanks to great strides in technology, online education is considered to be a normal way of obtaining an excellent education. Years ago this type of study would have been considered unusual and uncommon. Now you can find nearly any course structure in the form of an online course. The business management certification is no different in this respect. You will be pleased to find how much you can accomplish by studying online within this certification program. The knowledge you gain daily on how to manipulate the business to be more profitable and a more appealing business for both customers and employees is invaluable on its own. This type of information and the ability to use it in the right way are both factors that will easily put you in position for a promotion or advancement within the company you are in.

Fashion Review of the Last Decade

The decade has just ended and we are once again starting out on a clean slate. Nothing much or drastic has changed since the new decade has just begun and we are still in the first few weeks of the brand new year. However, it is fitting to go through the last decade’s trends in fashion to see if these will recur or will we have a totally fresh approach in the world of fashion.

The last decade’s fashion saw the emergence of recycling the trends prior to it most notably from the 90′s. During the first few years, 90′s fashion was evident. However, at this time, it was more refined. Prevalent in this year as well was stepping away from the unisex style of dressing. The more “woman approach” was now being embraced as skirts and dresses become more in-style.

The youth played an important role in fashion during these times specifically in the early 2000′s. Emo and hip-hop style were the in-thing mainly because of the rise of emo bands and new hip-hop artists. These artists have influenced the way people dress and live. Hoodies and sweatpants were among the most popular garments used last decade. You see Eminem wear these types of clothing and other hip-hop moguls as well. Baggy pants and lose denims were also common and are not only worn by men but by women as well. This type of style however was again based on the 90′s fashion.

Emo style, on the other hand, is associated with wristbands and spiky hair. Sometimes, this is accompanied with dark eye shadows and black fit shirts. Blink 182, and Green Day were among those who influenced the youth for this fashion.

By the late 2000′s, the more urban style fashion was introduced. Women and men were encouraged to be more feminine and manly in terms of choosing the style of clothes. Sophisticated garments such us black pants and black dress shoes became popular. There was quite a shift of fashion style in hip-hop when Kanye West introduced the lesser youthful hip-hop style. Loose shirt and pants were now replaced for a more manly look. Power suits were also worn at this time. Usually, these kinds of clothing are used only during formal occasions. Yet, these became popular and are widely used even during casual events.

If saggy clothes were fashionable in the 90′s, during this decade, tight jeans became widespread. Designer jeans were more popular at this time. Of course, what is fashion without the accessories? During the last decade, fashion was also associated with designer glasses, both for men and women. The “geek look” was something people have wanted to portray. For guys, in particular, baseball caps were extremely popular for teenagers. However, these kinds of caps cannot be bent so they stay as they are.

For sure there were still a lot of fashion trends that were rampant during these years. These are just a few examples and are the ones that became such a widespread phenomena that almost everyone was into it. As we get into another decade, we ask what kind of fashion we are looking at. Will we be going back to the trends last decade or even three of four decades back? Or will we be embracing a new craze? One thing is for sure, whatever is in fashion now, and we are sure to follow it.

Latest Fashion News: Style Watch, Steal That Style!

Many celebrities launch one of kind fashion styles! We are here to introduce to you the latest fashion news and ideas, some amazing styles, and ways you can get them to look stylish and fashionably elegant, just like a celebrity!

The clothes you wear reflect the mood you are in and the one you want to project. They represent the person you want to be even if sometimes, you feel very different from that image!

Stop feeling that you are not fashionable! Stop feeling that your clothes are not into style! Instead enjoy every second of fashion because now you can be in style like any of the celebrities you want or you like!

  • Adopt an all-white look, and rock simplicity with straight hair! You can try styling an A line skirt with a white top, it can be a cute style.
  • Go all Stefani mode and adopt a red suit! Add some style to it by adopting a crop top under the suit’s blazer!
  • Go classy with shorts, and adopt high wasted shorts with a white classic shirt and a nice pair of high heels shoes.
  • Adopt skinny jeans with a white shirt, and guess what? A cute and colorful oversized blazer! It will give you a cute style and edgy look.
  • Be unique by adopting flare pants and reviving the sixties, adopt these pants with a nice crop top and maybe a nice retro hairstyle for long and short hair.
  • Adopt the 90s fashion style in any way you hear desires. The chokers are back and this time they are looking amazing! You can adopt any type of choker necklace you want, whether a plain piece of ribbon, or a tattoo like choker, with all the black details. And for the edgy style lovers, you can pick a rock studded choker, or what we also call, spiked choker necklace. Or you can go for plaids as they have never been more in style than they are now! It’s over every piece of clothing for women and men. This fashion trend or style is somewhat universal as anyone who adopts it falls in love with it! Adopt scrunchies in your hairstyle design, as they will add volume in the Tina Turner technique.

Whichever celebrity’s fashion style you decide to adopt, don’t forget to always add your special touch on it!

What will your fashion identity be from now on?

Pilates Revealed – The Top 7 Pilates Benefits For Health and Fitness

Pilates may seem like a new fad in exercise routines, but it has been around for a long time.  Many people are still unaware of the benefits of Pilates.  This type of exercise promotes inner health and total body fitness. 

While many people workout just to try and improve their physical appearance, they miss the more important component of improving the condition of their body.  Pilates makes you look good on the outside because you are healthy on the inside.

Common users of this type of exercise include dancers, runners, gymnasts, and those in the sports medicine industry.  Trainers and physical therapists often use it to help their patients recover from injury and strengthen weak areas as part of injury prevention.

Here are the Top 7 benefits for overall health and fitness:

1.  Pilates Improves Overall Body Awareness

One thing that teachers will say about the difference between Pilates and the standard workout regimen of weight lifting and cardio/aerobic exercise is that it promotes overall awareness of the body.  And, this translates from focused exercises to better posture and overall strength in every day life.  The traditional style of working out generally focuses on the body’s extremities, i.e. the arms and legs.  Pilates on the other hand, increases balanced control and strength for the whole body.

 2.  Pilates Strengthens The Body’s Core

Your body core is the main part of your body in and around your back and abdomen.  These muscles are what give you your posture and overall appearance.  This practice is beneficial because it provides flexibility in your core as well as toning.  Specific breathing and stretching exercises work to target and strengthen your core.

3.  Pilates Increases One’s Body Control

Even though you are able to move different body parts independently, your body is one cohesive unit that is meant to function and move with fluidity.  Pilates teaches proper body positioning and movement.  When bad habits and posture are corrected you will have better overall control of your body.  Think of stars like Madonna and Cameron Diaz, they have used it to develop strength and control in their bodies.  And, on the red carpet they are picture perfect.

4.  Pilates Prevents Injuries

Because it is a total body balance exercise program, all of your muscles are equally strengthened and developed.  Injuries occur most when some part of your body is out of balance or weak.  So, by increasing your overall body control and strength you will prevent injuries.

5.  Pilates Improves Posture

Did you know that correct posture can actually make you look up to tem pounds lighter without losing an inch?  This exercise improves your posture because of the increased body awareness and core strength.  A stronger core makes it much easier to stand up straight.

6.  Pilates Improves Range Of Motion And Flexibility

One benefit of this exercise is that makes it popular among dancers, runners, and especially women in general is the increased range of motion and flexibility that you develop through these exercises.  It is a total body synergy workout that stretches the muscles to make them long and lean, which is ideal for those who don’t want to bulk up. 

7.  Pilates Improves Blood Circulation

Because it focuses on breathing technique and flexibility, the two combined provide better circulation for the body.  Blood flows to muscles easier when they are stretched out.  And oxygen aids in the all-important production of new blood cell.

Anyone can benefit from the practice of this exercise.  You can get involved with this kind of exercise at home through videos and friends who do it, or consider joining a Pilates class at your local fitness center.