Anti Aging Skin Products You Can Make at Home

Anti aging skin products are very expensive to purchase and are gaining an increasing market share amongst skin care products. A 2006 study noted that these products were slated to become the number two product in skincare sales behind hand and body lotions. The great motivator behind sales is that no one likes the notion that their skin aging badly.The thought of your once unlined face having more lines than a grade school notebook is not an appealing one.

This fear of looking older than our years makes us hand over an increasingly large chunk of our paycheck to retailers. The good news is that you can make your own anti aging skin products and save your self a huge amount of money, and get beautiful skin in the process. It’s not that commercial products are totally ineffective; it’s just that you can often achieve equal results with your own homemade products.

An example of some great anti aging skin products you can make at home are masks. A very simple, but very effective mask for cleansing and exfoliating the skin is to mix honey and oatmeal together in a 50:50 ratio. Apply the paste created by this mixture to the skin, and let it sit undisturbed for about fifteen minutes. After the fifteen minutes are up, wet your hands and scrub gently in a circular motion, then rinse well. This mask only costs pennies. As well as the exfoliating properties of this mask, the honey in the mask is an effective moisturizer, and oatmeal is soothing to dry, irritated skin.

Fruits and berries are also wonderful ingredients to incorporate into anti aging skin products. The natural acidity and antioxidants present in many fruits makes them wonderful ingredients for simple skin peels you can do at home. These simple facial peels assist in skin cell turnover, bringing new, fresh layers of cells to the skins surface. Of course, these won’t be the strength of a peel you would receive in your dermatologist’s office, and that is likely a good thing! An at-home peel is a treatment that should not be overdone; they should not be performed more than once a week.

A great anti aging skin product is simple olive oil. It works terrific as a make up remover, and is a wonderful addition to scrubs and masks. A very simple body scrub can be made from combining olive oil and either brown sugar or sea salt in an equal ratio and rubbing it gently on the skin. This treatment will lift away dead skin cells, and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth for several days.