GPS Comparisons

Global positioning system (GPS) is becoming an integral part of today’s lifestyle. Almost everyone has come into contact with a GPS unit. Some say that most GPS units function the same way but there are others who are critical of every minute detail of their GPS unit. Conducting GPS comparison shopping will enable a consumer to know which GPS is the most helpful for his requirements. Below is a GPS comparison shopping guide:

The Tomtom 910 Go

There is a high chance you’ve already heard of the Tomtom 910 Go GPS unit if you’re a GPS comparison shopper. It has been talked about both in the radio and on television. This vehicle-focused GPS unit includes a detailed map of Europe and North America. The map has already been pre-installed and you can use it immediately.

Because the maps are already in the unit, a user simply needs to enter his starting point and his destination. And the Tomtom 910 Go will take you there. The GPS unit will give you a minimum of four routes so you can identify the shortest route, routes without toll roads, and the roads with the least traffic.

Aside from this, it also has a notable 20GB memory space. There is sufficient room for your MP3s and digital images. The touch screen 4″ display is a sophisticated feature that lets you avoid the hassles of using buttons.

The Garmin Quest

Most users know that the Garmin Quest has long been established by GPS comparison shoppers as one of the most durable systems available today. Whether you’re driving, biking, hiking, or even boating, this GPS unit is a good addition to your equipment.

GPS comparison shoppers have also noted that the Garmin Quest has long battery life and accuracy. The 256-color transflective (TFT) display has high resolution and its antenna has a WAAS receiver. These features enable the system to be accurate for up to nine feet.

In addition, the AutoRoute Basemap is pre-installed on the unit. Users will be able to see interstates, lakes, rivers, and major highways in North America and South America.

Garmin’s ETrex Legend

If you’re looking for a sleek GPS unit, look no further than the Garmin’s ETrex Legend. Aside from its notable design, it is also comfortable to hold in your hand. You can literally take it anywhere because of its small size. Don’t overlook its features though because its screen, memory, and battery life is decent as well. When you do a GPS comparison with other units this size, you’ll definitely realize that the Garmin’s ETrex Legend is one of the best there is.